September 19, 2021

Woman unable to pay bills after losing ‘life savings’ to scammers | Personal Finance | Finance

Victims are sent a message asking them to click a link to pay delivery fees for a package that they have missed. Once clicking the link, they are directed to a highly convincing Royal Mail website to put in their bank details to pay their debt.

So, when she received a ‘missed delivery’ text from apparently Royal Mail, there was no reason for her to think the message was suspicious.

The text message was as follows:
“Hello Christine, you missed your parcel. Please approve the settlement of 2.99 GBP on the following URL.”

After clicking the link Christine was taken to a highly convincing looking Royal Mail website that asked for personal details such as her address, date of birth, and her bank details.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that Christine knew something wasn’t right.


She received a text from Halifax asking her to confirm if she has intended the payment of £2495.00 for something she was buying…

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