August 1, 2021

World Business Chicago CEO Michael Fassnacht bullish on city’s post-pandemic recovery

The new CEO of World Business Chicago on Tuesday painted a rosy picture of Chicago’s post-pandemic recovery driven by four “industry sectors” that can be grown faster here than in other North American cities.

Michael Fassnacht identified those sectors as: health care and life sciences; food and agriculture; transportation, distribution and logistics and manufacturing.

“Then, there are other opportunities that we saw in the pandemic. Companies — they want like a second headquarters. They don’t want everything in one location,” said Fassnacht, who doubles as Chicago’s $1-a-year chief marketing officer.

“So we’re reaching out more and more to companies to encourage them to look and consider Chicago as a second headquarters for you. Like some of the customer care and call-center opportunities that we successfully convinced Discover Financial Services to open up [in…

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