June 19, 2021
General News

World Labour parties are ‘obsessed with identity politics’ and have abandoned the worker

Labour parties across the globe have become “obsessed with identity politics” and in the process have “abandoned workers,” according to The Advertiser’s Caleb Bond.

It comes after a video emerged of a British Labour Party conference from before the 2019 election which compiled a litany of speakers focussing on identity politics, gender quotas, and trans rights.

Mr Bond said it is now a “strange concept” that the Labour Party is “meant to be the workers’ party”.

“These lefties have become so obsessed with identity politics, sexuality, race and whatever else; they just don’t care about the issues that real working-class people care about anymore,” he said.

“Labour parties have abandoned workers, and for as long as they keep doing that they will keep ceding ground to conservative parties all across the world.”

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