October 21, 2021

World’s Largest Electronics Contract Manufacturer selects PureSoftware arttha5G Radio Unit SW Suite to accelerate 5G Product Deployment

The increased end-user data coupled with low latency demand is driving high capacity mmWave, and sub 6 GHz Radio Units, with accurate digital beamforming and efficient high capacity transmission. arttha5G software product suite enables customers to roll out 5G networks with great flexibility, high performance, and low power consumption while addressing the size and weight challenges of high order radio configurations like 64T64R.

PureSoftware’s arttha5G product suite and services also address the interoperability challenges of a multi-technology, multi-product complex 5G network. 

“5G deployments are more than speed upgrade of existing networks. It’s an entire experience that will meet the connectivity needs of tomorrow and make it available ‘everywhere’ by enabling billions of connected devices,” said Anil Baid, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at PureSoftware. “It is a…

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