November 16, 2021

WSWHE BOCES will move from hands-on technology to new technology through IBM internship opportunities.

Saratoga Springs, NY (NEWS10) – Warren-Saratoga-Washington-Hamilton-Essex BOCES is still working to get students to work, even after a year of remote employment and new challenges. But remote work also plays a role.

WSWHE BOCES is currently partnering with SUNY Adirondack to offer students new opportunities. Their Southern Adirondack P-TECH program sends 15 BOCES students to IBM’s P-TECH remote internship program.

These students will be one of 1,000 remote internships studying specialized skills in the areas of finance, technology and life skills.

“Choosing a P-TECH program requires a lot of dedication and effort on their part,” said Kim Wegner, lead coordinator for WSWHEBOCES. “Getting this internship shows how well the P-TECH curriculum fits in with the industry.”

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