August 2, 2021

You won Publishers Clearing House! Know if the call is real

When the prize patrol shows up, you know! But, if you get a call that says you won and you need to pay the taxes or the fees, it’s a scam.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The confetti is falling, you can hear the cheers and there’s a big check. You have won Publishers Clearing House. It can happen, I mean, it has, right here the Triad.

“I am a Publishers Clearing House Winner, that is right!”

McKinley Harris from Winston-Salem won the $10,000 and got a visit from the prize patrol in 2018. So, it could really happen, but…..

If the person on the phone who called you and told you you’re a winner,
asks for something before your prize is given, they’re not for real.

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