October 19, 2021

Youth involved in the stock market are ‘here to stay’: Teen investor

Seventeen-year-old Dylan Jin-Ngo became fascinated with the stock market when he was in sixth grade. Now the Huntington Beach teen spends much of his free time teaching other kids about markets. 

“Being able to invest without my age being a barrier was something so unique,” Dylan told Yahoo Finance about his motivation. “I learned on my own for the past 3 or 4 years, and I became the youngest certified mutual fund counselor in the nation in 2020.”

Dylan spearheads a literacy program through his non-profit Young Investors Corp., in partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

Popular topics among his students? Meme stocks and cryptocurrency.

“Throughout our five-week program, it shifts some questions like what you think about AMC (AMC)? What do you think about Bitcoin (BTC-USD)?,” said Dylan. “Towards the end, it shifts to more about — how can I get my…

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